A real friend - Randy Dominguez

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A real friend

A real friend - Randy Dominguez

I am a very lucky person to be surrounded by a handful of amazing friends. Today; I will let you know a little more about one of them. I'll write you about Jeremy, because it was his birthday today. He is not the celebrating type. In over twenty years of friendship I do not recall him having a birthday party.

That doesn't necessarily mean that we didn't have a drink or two, or more on that day. We would make a toast to life and health and spend the entire night chatting and emptying couple of wine bottles.

According to him, a birthday it’s a regular day when you have to enjoy life. There is nothing special about it. What it should be special is the way you love yourself and care about the others around you. He has a nice philosophy of life. He is not religious, but sometimes I do recognize a Buddhist approach to life.

He has a brilliant mind and a heart of gold. He is single and he had enjoyed his bachelor status all his life. He had plenty of girlfriends, but never considered marriage as an option. He lives modestly in a 2 1/2 apartment close to the Lachine canal, on top of a canvas printing shop.

He never said no to any of my cry for help calls. Each time I asked for a favor he was there, regardless the hour, the weather or anything else. He is the type of person you can always rely on. I could say that reliable is his middle name. Except him, I don't know anyone else who would put up with me and my crazy requests.

In the past five years I have moved seven times, and each time he was the one who helped me with everything. From the packing, carrying, lifting boxes, unpacking to cooking, and cleaning.

Well, because I remembered it was his birthday, I went to SAQ and bought some wine bottles and champagne.

I was planning to pass by his place after work and have a drink together. I never buy food when I go visit him, because he is always waiting me with freshly cooked chicken curry and rice. That is his favorite dish. Did I mention that his cooking skills are amazing? I never saw a man who can cook a three delicious dish meal in less than thirty minutes.

Once I got to his place, I was able to feel the smell of curry from the moment I entered the building. His apartment door is never locked. Therefore, I knocked and went in. He smiled and gave me a hug.  I wished him for his birthday and showed him the SAQ bag. He put the champagne in the fridge and opened one of the wines bottles.